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Sage X3 Business Management Solution

Digitize your entire business without the cost and complexities of a traditional ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution. Sage X3 provides you with a better way to manage your entire business by delivering a faster, simpler, more flexible business management solution.


Sage X3 is a Business management solution that is built on a technology platform that allows for the inclusion of exciting new technologies coming our way in the field of IoT and Artificial Intelligence. Ensure that your business is ready for the 4th Industrial revolution.


With Sage X3 your organisation will experience the full benefits of an integrated and complete solution, breaking down the silos of information that make running a successful company difficult. Sage X3 offers rich and integrated functionality to support all your core business processes with minimal IT investment and resources.


Universal Paper & Plastics

David Sher from Universal Paper & Plastics tells you how Parity and Sage X3 has transformed their Manufacturing business.



How to Choose a Business Management solution

Factors to consider when looking to replace your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution. Read our step by step guide.


Manage your entire business

Take a look at a more in-depth guide to the full features & capabilities of Sage X3 – providing an end to end Business Management solution at a fraction of the cost and complexity of your traditional ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).


This highly comprehensive guide will give you full insight into the individual components that make up the Sage X3 Business Management solution.


  • Financial Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Production Management
  • Reporting & Business Analytics
  • User Workspace
  • Mobile Web Applications
  • Admin, Support and Connectivity

Download Sage X3 Solution capabilities guide

Manage your Finances

Sage X3 provides strong financial management capabilities with the added power of integrating document workflows into single, cohesive and searchable libraries for your teams to access across multiple devices.


Designed to keep up with your day-to-day challenges, today’s business management systems go above and beyond traditional ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). The right software can give your finance team a holistic view of business increasing productivity and help accelerate compliance, integration and growth with better insight to costs and margin. Truly innovative software supports enterprise growth by automating more processes as your business expands, providing greater control over complex operations and keeping overhead costs low. Now could be the perfect time to replace your legacy ERP system with technology that’s more flexible, easy to use and better supports the ever-changing needs of your organisation. Start by asking these three essential questions about a potential solution.



Does it offer better visibility of your business?

Does it help simplify financials and compliance?

Does it change with your business?



For more information on the functionality of Sage X3, download the brochure here.

Download Sage X3 brochure

Finance Compliance checklist

Complete the Finance and Compliance Checklist to see if Sage X3 is a perfect fit for your business.


Manage your distribution

For many businesses, inventory management is mission critical. Ensuring there are always adequate stock levels without tying up excessive capital in stock might sound easy but with transport delays, currency fluctuations, supplier outages, manufacturing holdups, poor sales forecasting and a host of other potential problems, it can be a major challenge.


Fortunately, with an effective business management solution you can streamline operations right across your supply chain.


Key Sage X3 capabilities include:


  • Product data and multiple units of measure.
  • Location management.
  • Inventory balances.
  • Quality control and sampling.
  • Replenishment, inter-branch transfers.
  • Order release.
  • Stock movements.
  • Import tracking.
  • Mobile apps.


Sage X3 is the preferred choice for organisations with advanced requirements in manufacturing, distribution, and warehouse management capabilities. It can support all business processes across all functions and across multiple companies or countries—and all from one coherent software system. Plus, Sage X3 is faster, simpler, and more flexible than other resource planning solutions because it provides advanced business management capabilities—enabling easy use by far more people within your organisation and at every point in your distribution chain.



For more information on the Sage X3 Distribution solution, download Sage X3 Distribution brochure.

Download Sage X3 Distribution Solution Brochure

Distribution Solution Guide

If you are looking for ways to overcome your Distribution challenges and increase profitability, we have identified a few key issues, potential solutions, and results to help you move forward with your business management decision. Soon you’ll see that an investment in technology is an investment in the future.


Manage your Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies are starting to realise the value of Data and that this is now the new currency used to differentiate them
from their competitors. Data is being created and consumed at exorbitant rates and seems to be more prevalent in the
Manufacturing industry. In this highly competitive industry where margins are tight isn’t it time to look at how a structured system
can help you manage this data that will assist you to make logical business decisions helping you to improve your efficiencies and
ultimately your bottom line


Sage X3 supports both discrete and process manufacturing


For Process manufacturing, precision and attention to detail are the building blocks of success and Sage X3 helps you manage your
entire manufacturing process faster and more efficiently.


Sage have identified 5 top challenges facing manufacturing companies today.


  • Operations being affected by out-of-date infrastructure
  • Increasing pressure to develop and launch products faster than ever
  • Keeping tight control of costs
  • Maintaining quality and meeting safety standards
  • Delivering successful growth


As the global economy recovers, process manufacturing challenges remain. An effective business management solution can make all
the difference when it comes to reducing costs and strengthening your bottom line.


Download our Process Manufacturing Guide

See how Sage X3 resolves these challenges


Manage your People

The integrated Payroll and HR solution for Sage X3

Sage X3 People gives you the tools you need to run an efficient, cost-effective payroll and HR division, ensuring employee engagement with the HR self-service component and increase output efficiencies with the built-in rule and role-based workflows that are accessible anywhere, anytime on any device


Benefits of integrating HR and finance:


  • Payroll process errors are reduced by more than 20%
  • Tracking actual time worked error rate is reduced by more than 24%
  • Manual transactions decrease dramatically, from 5,9% to 0,1%
  • Collaboration across departments and divisions is more than 3 times higher Aberdeen, “Total Workforce management 2013: The state of time and attendance”, July 2013


Sage X3 People will:


  • Maximise efficient and cost control
  • Handle Compliance issues and provide full visibility
  • Engage your employees
  • Serve your mobile workforce

Download the Sage X3 People Brochure