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Sage X3 Case Studies and Surveys

As companies grow they identify processes that are reliable and can be trusted to run their businesses smoother. These include some manual and automated workflows and procedures. We profile clients from different industries and show you how they overcame common challenges ranging from slow production cycles, purchasing procedures, materials management, financial tracking, strategic planning and many more. We take you through how they managed to overcome these challenges using our solutions and expertise.


While every company faces its own unique challenges, at some point along the way most will experience some or all of the following problems:

  • Slow production cycles
  • Inefficient scheduling of resources (labor, machines and equipment),
  • Slow inventory turns and high carrying costs
  • Uncontrolled purchasing procedures
  • Inefficient materials management,
  • Data inconsistency across multiple repositories
  • High overhead costs
  • Poor on-time delivery rates
  • Decreasing customer loyalty
  • Delayed financial tracking and analysis, and
  • Limited strategic planning capability.


See how other companies overcame these obstacles – 

e&ylogo Ernst & Young

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Duro Pressings 
Case Study
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OmegalogoOmega Refrigeration
Sage X3 Standard Case Study
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